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An illustrated study of the battles in the northern Baltic area Jan-Sept 1944

  • Codice: 633CZ026
  • ISBN: 9786155583186
  • Autore: K.Nevenkin
  • Note: 106 foto in b/n
  • Formato: 30 x 22
  • Lingua: Italiano
  • Rilegatura: Rilegato
  • Pagine: 80

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Codice: 633CZ026
ISBN: 9786155583186
Autore: K.Nevenkin
Note 106 foto in b/n
Formato 30 x 22
Lingua Italiano
Rilegatura Rilegato
Pagine 80

Nel gennaio 1944, l'Armata Rossa riuscì finalmente a porre fine ad uno degli assedi più drammatici della storia della guerra: quello di Leningrado. Scritto da un importante ricercatore bulgaro, il libro fornisce un'analisi esperta di questa battaglia poco conosciuta. Il ritrovamento di documenti di guerra tedeschi e sovietici hanno permesso all'autore di raccontare la storia da entrambe le parti. Il libro contiene molte fotografie inedite.

In January 1944, the Red Army finally succeeded in putting to an end one of the most dramatic sieges in the history of warfare; that of Leningrad. Soviet spearheads quickly dislodged the Wehrmacht from the city, but once they reached the prewar border with Estonia, they were stopped dead in their tracks by a very determined Axis resistance. There, at the river Narva, Germans, Estonians, and Waffen-SS volunteers and conscripts from all over Europe stood firm for several months against numerous Soviet attacks. By doing so, they were able to cripple the ambitious military and political plans of Joseph Stalin and to effectively postpone the Soviet liberation of the Baltic States for six months. Written by a leading Bulgarian researcher, the book provides an expert analysis of this little-known battle. A considerable number of German and Soviet wartime documents were obtained which enabled the author to tell the story from both sides. The book contains many unpublished photographs.