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  • Codice: 228G021
  • ISBN: 9781472834997
  • Autore: R.Kirchubel
  • Editore: OSPREY
  • Note: mappe a colori
  • Formato: 25 X 30.5
  • Lingua: Inglese
  • Rilegatura: Rilegato
  • Pagine: 224

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Codice: 228G021
ISBN: 9781472834997
Autore: R.Kirchubel
Editore: OSPREY
Note mappe a colori
Formato 25 X 30.5
Lingua Inglese
Rilegatura Rilegato
Pagine 224

Con 98 mappe, questo imponente atlante mostra, in dettaglio, le sfide affrontate dai tedeschi e dagli alleati nello scenario della Seconda Guerra Mondiale. Un volume di enorme contenuto storico per gli appassionati e i collezionisti.

In September 1939, Nazi Germany launched its infamous Blitzkrieg invasion of Poland, bringing about the outbreak of World War II. Faced with highly tactical and accelerated attacks aimed at disrupting the line of defence and encircling vulnerable troops, Allied forces broke under pressure. Within the space of a year, France had been invaded and occupied, while the forces of Great Britain had retreated headlong back across the Channel. Further campaigns in the air and at sea sought to subdue the British Isles, while more lightning-fast attacks in 1941 overran Yugoslavia and Greece, leaving the bulk of Continental Europe under Nazi control. Though the dominance of the Blitzkrieg method was to be challenged in the latter part of the war, as Allied forces found methods of disrupting the attacks and dominating the battlefields, its unparalleled success in the early years of the conflict brought Europe to its knees. Featuring 98 detailed maps, this impressive atlas shows, in intricate detail, the fighting and physical challenges faced by the German attackers and Allied defenders. This will be a treasure for World War II enthusiasts and collectors alike.